The event will be held in English (without translation)
Panel with
Ruth Aylett, docente di Informatica Heriot-Watt Università di Edimburgo, scrittrice e poetessa / professor of Computer science Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, writer and poet
Gusz Eiben, docente di Intelligenza artificiale Vrije Universiteit di Amsterdam / professor of Artificial Intelligence Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Chaired by
Eric Medvet, docente di Ingegneria informatica Università di Trieste / professor of Computer engineering University of Trieste
Erica Salvato, ricercatrice in Automatica Università di Trieste / researcher in Automation University of Trieste

Humanity is getting better and better at building embodied (robots) and abstract (algorithms) agents which are able to perform complex tasks. These agents reached such a degree of complexity that we are not always able to explain. Moreover, they are becoming more and more integrated within human society. Are we creating a new species? A new form of (artificial) life? A robotic ecosystem? Top scientists will discuss the actual feasibility of this perspective from the technical point of view and the possible reception of it by humans.

A panel by University of Trieste

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