The event will be held in English (without translation)
Panel with
Bruce Bassett, docente di Matematica applicata Università di Città del Capo / professor of Applied mathematics African University of Cape Town
Kanta Dihal, docente di Comunicazione della Scienza Imperial College London / lecturer in Science communication Imperial College London
Viola Schiaffonati, docente di Logica e Filosofia della scienza Politecnico di Milano / professor of Logic and Philosophy of science Politecnico di Milano
Chaired by
Roberto Trotta, docente di Fisica teorica, coordinatore Gruppo Data Science, SISSA-Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati / professor of Theoretical physics, head Data Science SISSA
The true essence of what it means to be human is being questioned by Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that appear to display abilities until recently exclusively human: empathy, self-consciousness and even love. What does this mean for the future of relationships, both among humans (as AI increasingly mediates, filters and moulds them) and between humans and AI? Can human empathy be replaced by AI mimicry? Is there some red line that AI will never cross? This crossdisciplinary panel will look at the question of relationships, identity and love in the age of AI.
A panel by SISSA

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