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Trieste Next
Festival of
Scientific Research

The 2023 Edition of TriesteNext will feature world-renowned scientists and professionals in the field of innovation and technology transfer. Click here to discover the official list of speakers

Andrea Rinaldo
docente di Costruzioni idrauliche Università di Padova, direttore Laboratorio di Ecoidrologia EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Federale di Losanna, vincitore International Stockholm Water Prize / professor of Hydraulic constructions University of Padua, director Ecohydrology Laboratory EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne, winner of the International Stockholm Water Prize
John McFall
astronauta ESA-Agenzia Spaziale Europea / ESA astronaut
Henry Sanderson
già giornalista Financial Times, autore de "Il prezzo della sostenibilità" (Post Editori) / former Financial Times journalist, author of "Volt Rush. The winners and losers in the race to go green"
Peter Wadhams
professore emerito di Fisica oceanica e capo Polar Ocean Physics Group Università di Cambridge / professor emeritus of Ocean Physics and head Polar Ocean Physics Group University of Cambridge
Nhlanhla Msomi
presidente BIO Africa Convention / president and chair BIO Africa Convention
Aifric Campbell
scrittore, docente di Scrittura creativa Imperial College London / writer, professor of Creative writing Imperial College London
Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary
direttore Centro Internazionale per le Scienze Chimiche e Biologiche, Pakistan / director International Center for Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Pakistan
Kanta Dihal
docente di Comunicazione della Scienza Imperial College London / lecturer in Science communication Imperial College London
Slavik Tabakov
presidente emerito IUPESM-International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine / president emeritus IUPESM-International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Florence Jusot
docente di Economia Università Paris-Dauphine / professor of Economics University Paris-Dauphine
Olivier Bargain
docente di Economia Università di Bordeaux / professor of Economics University of Bordeaux
Paul Ekins
docente di Politica delle risorse e dell'ambiente University College of London Institute for Sustainable Resources / professor of Resources and Environmental Policy University College of London Institute for Sustainable Resources
Jon Cylus
responsabile London Hub European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, economista senior WHO / head London Hub European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, senior economist WHO

22-24 September, Trieste

Science, Culture and Innovation
for a Sustainable Future

Since its very first edition, Trieste Next has focused on the key issues of the scientific and cultural debate: food, water, energy, the relationship between mankind and technology, and so on. The 2023 Edition will outline the scientific agenda for the coming years, featuring a widespread debate on the changes needed for a more sustainable future and strengthening the synergies between STEM disciplines, humanities and social sciences.

Trieste Next

With its 2 universities, one science and technology park and over 30 research centres Trieste is undoubtedly an international Capital of Science. Trieste Next is an “observatory” and temporary “laboratory”, an international showcase where state-of-the-art applied research, new technologies and innovative companies meet. Technology transfer is a key factor, since without research and innovation there is no growth nor economic development. Trieste Next thus aims at promoting the importance of partnerships between academia and the private sector.


A 3-day intensive programme targeting international University students (BA, MA, PhD students as well as recent graduates) with a specific focus on robotics and artificial intelligence, medical sciences and biotechnologies.

Trieste Next at a glance

120 events, 300 speakers

Physics, medical sciences, biotechnologies

50 exhibits in the “City of Knowledge”

For international English-speaking students