The event will be held in English (without translation)
Panel with
Peter Wadhams, professore emerito di Fisica oceanica e capo Polar Ocean Physics Group Università di Cambridge / professor emeritus of Ocean Physics and head Polar Ocean Physics Group University of Cambridge
With the participation of
Maria Pia Casarini, presidente Polars Educators / chairwoman Polars Educators

Until the 1970s, less than a dozen ships had been able to reach one of the most remote places on Earth, crossing expanses of ice that made navigation in the Northwest Passage long and dangerous. Today, anyone who ventures to the Arctic Sea in the summer, is faced with huge expanses of blue water. The ice is disappearing. In particular, Polari ice is a marker of the state of the planet's climate, and the speed with which it is melting is indicative of a dramatic global phenomenon that has accelerated dramatically over the past three decades. The gravity of the situation is made more evident by the passionate testimony of those who have seen this change firsthand.

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