giovedì 22 Settembre 2022 / ore 18:00 - 19:30
— Museo Revoltella
Via Armando Diaz, 27, Trieste, Italia
Lingua: english
Panel with
Rossella Aversa, ricercatore KIT-Steinbuch Centre for Computing SCC / researcher KIT-Steinbuch Centre for Computing
Valeria Chesnyak, dottoranda Università di Trieste / PhD student University of Trieste
Mladenka Malenica, docente di chimica inorganica Università di Rijeka / professor of Inorganic chemistry University of Rijeka
Federico Mazzola, ricercatore di Fisica CNR-IOM Trieste / researcher of Physics CNR-IOM Trieste
Chaired by
Cristina Africh, ricercatrice senior CNR-IOM Trieste, coordinatrice Infrastruttura di ricerca distribuita interoperabile NFFA-Europe / senior scientist CNR-IOM Trieste, infrastructure manager of NFFA-Europe
Research infrastructures (RI) are crucial to allow scientists to access expertise and tools at cutting-edge laboratories, to create collaborations and to open the path to fast innovation. NFFA is a RI, composed of over 20 European institutes, that provides free-of-charge combined access to different methods in the field of nanoscience. Users from many scientific fields can submit multi-technique and multidisciplinary research proposals with various applications. The session presents the opportunities created by NFFA for young researchers, with an eye also to the issue of open science.
A panel by CNR-Iom / NFFA Infrastructure
The event will be held in English without translation